Thursday, September 29, 2005


Grave Lake Loop - Wind River Mountains.

Here are some scenery shots from a four day backpacking trip in the Wind River Mountains last summer. It rained one night, but the weather was nice otherwise. Forty something miles was the total for the trip. Can't wait to get back! Edit: Photos were deleted from the place that used to host them so instead of adding them again, I will link to my picasa web album:

Eric, you are one hell of a photographer and apparently one hell of an outdoorsman. Hats off to you on a great set of pics. I am extremely jealous of your exploits... looks like you're living life to the fullest. Carry on brother.

That Josh Rymer guy is a looker. He single?
Your pics of the wind river/ grave lake trip don't show up. Do you have them posted somewhere else. I am headed into this country this summer '08 and would love a look.

PS: Do you think this loop would be too difficult for 14-17 yrs olds. Thanks

Sorry, I know a lot of the older pictures on here don't show up, I am in the process of fixing it but I basically have to re-do each post. Just for you though I uploaded the pics to picasa and added a few captions, sorry they are kind of in random order.

Sorry, I forgot to answer your question. I don't know that I am the best judge of how teenagers would do. Basically it works out to close to 40 miles, with two big pass crossings, Hailey and Washaki. I'm sure it all depends on how prepared and in shape they are. If they have 60 pound packs and mainly play video games all the time, then no way I would take them, if they have reasonable gear and are pretty athletic then I'm sure it will be fine. I'd take them on a shorter, much less committing trip to see how they do first if it were me.
Thanks! Those are great shots. I am looking forward to the trip even more.
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