Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The South Ridge of Mount Superior

This is a classic for those who like a good scramble and don't have issues with doing easy 5th class moves unprotected with lots of exposure. Ben has been in law school but is back working over the summer so we decided to do a little something after work today. The plan was to meet around 2:30 and start up the ridge by 3:00. Ben got stuck in a meeting so we didn't start hiking till 4:30... hmmm... packed the headlamps and figured with a near full moon, as long as we made it to the "good" portion of trail by nightfall we could make our way down without problem and took off.

After a bit of bushwhacking we hit the rocky ridge and started scrambling toward the peak. Scrambling above big exposed drops is a lot like high stemming in slot canyons for me, the climbing moves are usually all easily in my ability, there are just spots that you REALLY can't screw up. This route is basically the same, lots of easy climbing moves with huge holds, but enough exposure in some spots you really can't screw up. It is very fun however for the experienced hiker/climber.

We hit the peak around 8:15 and took off down the "trail" which is in my opinion, more difficult than the ridge because of all the loose gravel on steep slopes. We of course missed the trail in one spot and did a sketchy downclimb to a snowfield and then climbed our way back to the proper trail, eventually hitting the pavement with about 15 minutes of light to spare... whew, didn't need the headlamps. Some nice road walking back to the car and our little after work adventure was over. Took us about 5 hours car to car without a shuttle. We did not see a soul when we were off the pavement, rare in the Wasatch. GREAT fun and a route I will do at least once a summer.

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