Thursday, December 08, 2005


Englestead Hollow.

After Ben and I traipsed our way through Heaps unharmed, Troy and Ryan came down to join us for another canyon. Englestead was on the agenda, I had heard good things about the canyon, but wondered how it would compare to other Zion canyons, especially since there were no swims on the list of the canyons commodities. How was it? Pull up a seat and find out.

After the drive along dirt roads, we parked the Sentra as far as I was comfortable driving and started hoofing it to the canyon. All we had with us was Kelsey's obscure directions to find the canyon and ended up dropping in a little too early and getting semi-cliffed out. After some nasty bushwhacking we found a way around the cliffs and down to the head of the drainage. It really is quite a site when you are walking along flat, somewhat forested ground and then out of nowhere this massive sandstone canyon drops300 feet to the ground below. After arriving at the drop in point we met a large group making their way down a rope. We introduced ourselves and worked out a plan to combine both of our 300 ft ropes to make the pull easier when we were finished.

Edit: Sorry to cut this one out as this was a good story, but you all just looked at the pics anyway right? One of the dudes in the group behind us (a noob wearing sandals in the canyon) had a rock fall on his foot, taking one of his toes completly off. Had to be hellicoptered out, too bad he seemed like a really cool kid, he was REALLY excited when we saw him at the beginning. Anyway, here is the link to the pictures:



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