Sunday, March 08, 2015


Red River Gorge 2013

At the end of 2013 for my big vacation I made another trip out to the Red River Gorge, my favorite sport climbing destination on the US. As always we had a great time climbing on the awesome Kentucky sandstone! Can't wait to make it back to this special place. All anyone really cares about is photos right? Here are a bunch.

 Rest days for me involved lots of hiking and photo taking.

 Jaima on a route at Torrent Falls.

 Gray's Arch, my favorite hike in the Gorge.

 Holly on one of the phenomenal 5.11's at the Broughnaugh wall.

 Me getting my techy 5.10 crimp face on.

 Holly on Mercy the Huff - 5.12b

 Jesse on Table of Colors - 5.13a

 One of the best "choss" piles in The Red. Far From God - 5.12b

 The mind blowingly good Midnight Surf Wall!

 Doug getting upside down on Forty Ounces to Justice - 5.13a

 One of the prettiest lines at The Red. Amarillo Sunset - 5.11b

 Jaima on a classic 5.11 at The Bright Side.

 The trip wouldn't be complete without the old guy coming along, haha. Nick Trina probably power screaming his way through a route at Shady Lane.

 Nick definitely power screaming on the crux of I forget the name - 5.12a

 The kentucky rest.

 Hayden on Sex Farm - 5.12b

 Me with the camera.

 Nick whipping through a foggy lens due to the crazy schwarm/humidity.

 For those that don't want to hike to the top, you can ride the chairlift.

 Some dude on Paradise Lost - 5.13a

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