Friday, February 08, 2008


Cirque of the Towers

Here is another short trip report from a backpacking trip to the Wind Rivers back in 2004. I dragged my dad up to the Cirque of the Towers. It ended up being a bit harder of a hike for him than I thought it would be, he struggled some and I felt bad, but luckily he gave me another chance later on when we went to Green River Lakes and Yosemite, and took things a bit easier. It was July, but there was still a lot of snow and the temps were pretty chilly. It probably never got out of the 60's in the day and 20's at night. Great scenery though made up for the cold mornings. It was one of those trips my dad was glad he went on, but probably will never do again :) I keep hounding him to spend more time on the treadmill so we can do another trip, but he keeps insisting he's too old! Enjoy the pics:

These are beautiful pictures~ it's so nice that your dad was able to do it with you~
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