Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Imlay Canyon - Photo TR - Page 1

Video of Imlay Canyon:

Time for another photo Trip Report. Most of these photo's were taken by either Steve Newcomb or Chad because Imlay was the beast that destroyed my camera, I took about three pics before it died. Luckily Steve and Chad had some pics and video for me to remember the trip by.

4:30 am the alarm on my cell phone rang out. I hadn't slept much because of the searing heat this week, no wonder Tom calls this his "Bake Fest" It had to be close to 100 degrees still even at 10:00 at night. The temps were above 110 during the day. It finally was pleasant sleeping weather, but unfortunately also time to get up. I crawled out of bed, ate some breakfast, and before long we were off. Tom T. got the special red permit, allowing us to drive up the main canyon without having to take the shuttle bus. We were starting before the first bus ran and didn't want to get stuck in the canyon so the Rangers were nice enough to let us drive to make sure we made it out of the canyon before dark.

We drove to the grotto traihead and started the long hump up the trail. Up up and up some more, past angles landing and further up the west rim.


Imlay is one of the funnest canyons out there, here is a link to the photos:




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