Sunday, June 22, 2008


Wakeboarding at Echo Reservoir

After the Widowmaker Hill Climb, we cruised out to Echo Reservoir and did some Wakeboarding. It was the first of the year for me. When it is 90+ you will find me either in air conditioning, the mountains, or in the water. Oh and I am going with the bigger slide shows so if your screen resolution isn't big enough, sorry.

Eric, I am constantlly checking out your blog. I love your pics. I just realized I never leave you a comment. I wanted to tell you that you have quite an eye. I love the beauty that you capture in many of your photos and well as the life in the activity. The bording pics are great. You guys look like you had a blast. The boating pics are great! Love Ryekr peeing of the front of the boat and of course, my little Ethney! Does she ever smile? No often! Thanks for taking thes. I love them! Hope you are well!
Wow, Vicki, thanks for the compliments, I guess there are actually... 5 or so people that I know look at my blog! Woo hoo! Boating was a blast, we'll all have to hang out again sometime. Thanks again for the comments :)
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