Friday, November 23, 2007


Witches Cau... Trachy... uhhh... That one canyon

Yea, yea, I know I've sucked at posting to my blog lately, I've been working full time and doing school full time BUT I am finally almost finished with school so maybe one of these days I will have enough free time to fix the broken pages on here (I finally fixed the Choprock pictures!) and add some new stuff. I do at least have a new video from uhhh... not sure what to call the canyon. Here is the story of why.

I headed down to North Wash (down by Lake Powell) in October waiting to meet up with some friends. I had some free time to go check out a slot I had seen on Google Earth some time ago. Turns out it looked pretty good so I told my friends about it and we planned a time in November to hit it up. We split the exploration into two days but were able to finish what turned out to be a short but really good canyon. I came up with the name "Trachyotomy Canyon" since it drops into Trachyte creek and that was the most clever thing I could think of. Turns out one of my friends had been down part of the canyon but hadn't finished it, they were calling it "Witches Cauldron," which is a fine name, but everyone seemed to like my name and since we were the first we knew of to do a complete descent I sent out some beta with the name Trachyotomy. Soon after another Canyoneer got word that we had finished the canyon and informed us that he had been down it with guidebook author Mike Kelsey earlier in the year and he was sticking with the Witches Cauldron name. I was totally cool with him taking the naming rights since he was down first, but some people have adopted my Trachyotomy name since they read my beta before we knew the other guy had been down. Anyway, so now I don't know what to call the thing, so I'm calling it that one canyon. Here you go, a video of "That One Canyon"

Beta, along with other great routes, can be found here:

Eric, Glad to see you posting again. Found your site when googling for canyon info before last summer. Ended up basing some decisions on where to go on your videos. Thanks for the time and effort putting all this up. Good stuff. I actually took a lot more video than I usually do because of yours. You inspired me. Yep.


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