Monday, March 10, 2008


Death Valley Canyoneering

I was getting a little tired of all the cold weather in Salt Lake. I love the snow, but I love warm weather too so Josh and I headed down to Death Valley to hit up some canyons and do a little climbing in Red Rocks. First day we did Styx Canyon, second day we tried to summit Pyramid Peak but didn't quite make it to the top, day three we did Darwin Canyon, and day four we climbed at Red Rocks and drove home. It was a great time soaking up the near 80 degree days!

Shaggs, Eric, I'm going to be back for the spring summer fall, and still looking to go do some canyons with you. I'll keep you updated on my status, but I'd love to cruise down next time you go exploring. Let me know.


Cool, keep me updated, I'll be out for 2 solid weeks this month and will do plenty more trips this year. Finally did the ice caves with Josh and you need to take me to the top of the Grand this Summer.
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