Sunday, November 15, 2015


Rodellar 2014

At the end of 2014 I made a trip out to Spain to climb in Rodellar. I got pretty worked trying maybe a little too hard with too few rest days but had an awesome time in such a beautiful place.

View of the town of Rodellar

Some of the old rock buildings in town.

The church at the top of the hill.

Then to the cliffs, so many just below town.

Trent hiking below one of the most beautiful cliffs in the valley. Pince San Rie

A beautiful stream runs through the bottom of the canyon.

The stream just randomly appears out of this cave.

The Dolphin!

Rock for miles!

Climber on The Dolphin

Joseph climbing at Aquest Any Si.

Sean getting on some Tufa's!

Reflections like this around about every corner.

Mmmmm.... Tufa's

Aquest, with Las Ventanas in the background.

The hot item at the cliffs... Flaming tuna! Yum. Photo by Tracey Hua

Sean on the mega classic Colosseum.

Sean after sending!

Wild goats were not uncommon in the backcountry.

Spent a rest day in the beautiful town of Alzequar.

The castle in the middle of town.

Below the city was this amazing canyon with crystal clear water.

Had a nice walkway so regular tourists could enjoy,

Trent on the super classic Acrabita.

After Trent left I climbed with some Australians that were staying about the same amount of time as me.  Here is Tracey showing off her belay gloves. 

And then crushing routes!

Lucy on Pire en el Fire

Tracey on the super classic L'any Que Ve Tambe (I may have spelled it wrong, but something like that.

Matt cutting his feet on Acrabita

Then eating a sending "biscuit," (the Aussie word for cookie)

Hey look, it's me. Photo by Tracey Hua

Really awesome to hang out with the Aussies, one last photo of Tracey and me on her last day. :(

Before heading home I hiked around a bit more and took some photos.

The Pyrenees in the background.

Hiked to an old abandoned ghost town.

After almost a month of climbing, I went to Barcelona for a couple days to check out the city.

I'm not a huge touristy city guy, but Barcelona was a pretty cool place to hang out.

Churches and ferris wheels.

Spent some time at Gaudi Park.

Lots of amazing street performers.

After an awesome month of climbing, hiking, and touristing I had to come home but I'm sure I'll have many more adventures in the years to come.

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