Sunday, December 11, 2005


White Canyon's Black Hole, Day 2 - October 2005

Day two of our little mini fest we were going to head down either Trail, one of the Maidenwaters, or even Shenanigans? We hadn't really decided. Ben had an idea to attempt the black hole in order to mix things up a little. Rather than do another arm scraping stemming canyon, why not do a deep, long, swimming canyon? We all decided it sounded like a good idea, pulled out our wetsuits and headed to the canyon.

Once we reached the trail-head, we were greeted by pictures of the black hole when Ram and crew did it on New Years Day finding it clogged with logs through much of its length. We also found a reassuring sign obviously designed to give us nice warm fuzzies about our decision to descend the canyon.

Edit: Things got a little intense but never too bad. We ran into one log jam we thought we would have to climb over (sounds dangerous) but Ben found a pitch black passage underneath, it was super cool and we were so relieved to not have to climb over the unstable logs. Here is a link to the photos of one of my most memorable canyon days!



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