Friday, December 23, 2005


Neon Canyon

For the first day of our Escalante adventure, we headed down Fence Canyon and set up base camp next to the river. After a "good" nights sleep, we were up early and on our way to Neon Canyon. This trip we would climb higher than the average adventurer to check out some of the upper portions of the canyon. The upper portions proved to be very fun, well worth the extra effort to get there.

We started early, but not before dawn, We took one last look at camp before heading across the river and toward the canyon.


Once again I've deleted my old TR and just have a link to the photos. Neon is one of the best canyons in Utah, but unfortunantly gets blown away by Choprock on the day after. My favorite Canyoneering trip of all time is a trip down Neon and Choprock!



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