Saturday, December 10, 2005


Hog 1 and 2 Canyons (Day 1)

Back in the spring, Ben signed up to go to one of Tom Jones' canyoneering festivals in the San Rafael Swell. He was one of the only young guys in the group so we decided to have our own little fest of young guys. We put out the invite but didn't really get any takers so it ended up being the same crew as usual. Ben, Josh and Me for the first two days, then Troy and Ryan (he also brought his friend Ryan #2)for the Saturday of the trip.

Day one we decided to descend Boss Hog and it's next door neighbor we call Hog 2. Hog 2 was first on the agenda, we had a little info about the canyon but wanted to keep the beta to a minimum so we really didn't know what to expect. What we got was a good canyon with a few really great, but somewhat short sections. Josh took all the pictures. We kind of started to get in a hurry on our way down Hog 1 (Boss Hog) so there are a lot more photos from Hog 2 then 1.

The day started at the Hog Springs rest stop. We hiked up the canyon, past the grotto below Hog Spring and then started looking for an exit to the rim in order to drop into Hog 2.

Edit: After Hog 2 we headed up and did Hog 1 (Boss Hog) for a great first day. The photos can be viewed by clicking the link below



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