Sunday, February 01, 2015


The blog is back!

It's been a couple years since I have posted here but after looking back at some of my posts I decided to bring the blog back to life.  Will I post as much as in the past?  Probably not but I'll try to bring the blog back up to date at least with some photos of adventures between my last update and now (mostly climbing).  Let's start with the rest of 2012.

Took a trip or two to Ten Sleep Canyon in 2012, love climbing there in the summer!

Jaima on I believe Esplanada 5.12d

Hayden on Blue Light Special - 5.13b

Me on Joy of Heresy - 5.11d

Jaima on something at the French Cattle Ranch

Rick McGrath on Zombie Leprechauns - 5.11d or .12a

Also took my first trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota.  The plan was to climb in Spearfish Canyon as well as The VC.  However we ended up going during a heatwave and the thought of going to The VC where the stream was dry and the temps even higher we opted for staying in Spearfish.  The climbing was amazing, the sweaty schwarm was not so amazing but glad we went and can't wait to go back!

Best solution for the hot days? Swimming hole!  Wish we could've cooled off in this on climbing days as well.

Andy on one of the 5.12's at The Mohichian wall.  Perfect limestone pockets, so good!

Andy on a route at The Darkside.

Panorama on Yippie Kay Yay - 5.10d

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