Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Darby Ice Caves

So Josh had been talking about the Ice Caves up by the Grand Tetons for a long time and I was finally able to go through them with him last July. Super cool cave that started with a river of ice surrounded by huge icicles. After some belly crawls, squeezes, and a few rappels we came to an underground stream of crystal clear water. We were able to stay dry by doing easy stemming moves above the flow... that was until we got to crotch lake. We had to strip down to our skivvies and scream our way across the frigid water before a couple more rappels and one short sport climb before coming out the other end. Luckily Josh knew the way otherwise I would still be wandering around the maze of tunnels. Can't wait to get back (and hopefully climb the Grand along with the cave)!

Josh LOVES old Jedediah

Josh near the mouth of the cave.

Into the ice.

More ice.

Sweet colors in the ice.

Ice blocks at the bottom of the 80 ft. rap.

Me rapping down the 80 ft. ice fall.

Coiling the rope after the rap.

Lovin the belly crawls.


Crotch Lake, COOOOOOOLD!

Josh on his belly.

Sunset from the cabin after another great day!

Love the pics!! Looks like so much fun!
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Nice pics! I sure miss the Ice/wind, Ive done it 13 times and loved ever second of it. I recently moved to the Pacific NW, and just before moving did the cave Ice to Wind, then turned around and went back Wind to Ice. Talk about exhausted! well worth it!

Thanks again!

I love these caves and have yet to go all the way through, so jealous!
We live in Rexburg and just heard of this Darby Cave wonder this summer. My husband and I hiked up in July, although, we only made it partially through the wind cave. With all of the belly crawling and it being crowded with people we were worried that someone would be coming the opposite way and there wouldn't be anyway to back up.

Anywho, LOVED them and loved looking at your photos!

Sad note...due to some "bat fungus" that has come from the east coast, they are closing down all caves and mining shafts in Wyoming and so no more being able to hike into the cave. I am sad because we were going to take our kids up there for their first time this weekend.

Thanks for sharing your awesome hiking adventure and photos through the caves. Have a wonderful day!

Anybody have a map of the actual caves and/or more beta. I live in Rexburg and have experience in canyoneering and some caving. I would love to explore these caves sometime. :-) Thanks Jake
Just got home from the wind caves, not sure what this bat fungus rumor is all about..we caved our way to yhe pit but stopped for lack of gear and having some less experienced members of the group. As of today the cave is alive, well and open
I would also be interested in any map and more info on the technical parts of the cave. Like, height of the rappels, and rating and number of bolts of the sport climb at the end.

I've been in the first part of the cave before but had to turn back because I didn't have equipment at the time.

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