Sunday, September 11, 2005


An Unexpected Sleepover - Kolob Canyon Pictures and Video.

EDIT: Here is the link to the photos, it includes photos from this trip as well as my later trip listed on here as "Kolob Canyon Revisited"



I happened across your blog by clicking "next blog" in the upper right corner of eBlogger. Sheesh, everything before you was foreign and not anything I could understand. Then I see these fantastic pictures of the great outdoors and stuff that, right now, I can only dream of doing. You take great pictures and I can't believe no one else has made any comments yet. See you after your next trip.
Hi Guys! What a trip. Bo Beck, one of Zion's SAR team members and I did Kolob Canyon a couple of weeks before you. It looks like you did it about about 5cfs like we did. What a ride!

Don't you love MIA ;)
Check out the Canyoneering section!

Looks like an awesome trip. I've done Pine Creek and Keyhole...wonder how much harder Kolob is?
"Looks like an awesome trip. I've done Pine Creek and Keyhole...wonder how much harder Kolob is?"

Kolob isn't extremely difficult or anything, but it is long. If you are out of shape you will get VERY tired before the days end. There are 11 rappels and the hike out is on slippery boulders so it's slow going unless you are REALLY good at hiking in those conditions. If you are an experienced canyoneer and in good shape, you can tackle the canyon easily, but it will take many of the daylight hours in summer. If you have only done a few canyons and are out of shape, it will take a lot longer! Bring a wetsuit, the water is really cold even on a 100 degree day and you will be in it a lot. Be really careful about water flow in the canyon, people have died because they entered the canyon with too much water flow. Also bring bivvy gear, it's not uncommon for people to plan on doing it in one day and spending the night because they run out of daylight (like we did). Be safe and enjoy, it's an incredible adventure if you're ready for it.

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