Sunday, December 18, 2005


Monkey Business

And now for Day three of our mini fest. For this day Troy, Ryan, and Ryan came down and we decided to do Monkey Business, or as Kelsey calls it, the West Fork of Butler Canyon's West Fork.

We left Sandthrax around 9:00ish (maybe more like 10:00? I can't remember). Before heading up the dirt road we took the morning trip to the pit toilets at Hog Spring, then it was off to the canyon. It's always nice to do canyons you can pretty much drive right to the head of. This was one of those. From where we parked the car, you could see the slot to the east of the road winding through the slick rock. It was a short walk across the desert to the head of the slot. One of the first things we noticed was that there were voices coming from the canyon below. We also saw a group of what looked like 4 or so women heading down the canyon ahead of us. We decided to take our time getting ready, in order to give us a little distance from this group.

Edit: From there we went down the canyon, had a great time, and all you really care about is the pics right? The site that used to host my photos is no more and it's just too much work to fix all the pages on my blog so I am just adding a link to the photos that used to be here over on picasa. Enjoy:



wow. great photos. looks like a rad time.
Makes me want to get into canyoneering. Fantastic write up and photos.
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