Sunday, February 01, 2015


Kalymnos Greece climbing!

In 2012 I went on my first international climbing trip to the island of Kalymnos in Greece.  Had an amazing time with awesome friends.  The island is pretty mega.  You basically wake up in the morning, go climbing until the sun hits the wall, walk down the hill to your hotel, change into your swimming suit and swim in the ocean before dinner at one of the many restaurants along the beach. Life doesn't get much better.

First I had like a ten hour layover in London. Jetlagged and hungry I wandered around the city and took some photos.

After a lot of travel, jet lag, and ornery-ness (haha) we made our way to Kos, the large island nearest our final destination, the island of Kalymnos! A short ferry ride

took us to the port city of Pothia.

Followed by a short taxi ride to our hotel and the climbing! So much rock next to the Mediterranean, it's pretty much climbers paradise!  There's something about this place... something makes this place pretty special!  Maybe it's the climbing on crazy tufa's and stalagtites?

Maybe it's the fact that you get to swim in the ocean, sit on the beach, enjoy amazing food and Kalymnian sunsets!

Or maybe it's the rest days that include hanging on the beach, visiting ruins, driving scooters around the island, caving, beach volleyball, slackline, jumping off cliffs into the ocean, sea kayaking, etc...

Really, I think it was all about the climbing though, well mostly the climbing, well all the other stuff was pretty amazing too. :)


Okay, actually it was about the awesome friends/people who made it such an amazing trip and such a special place!

Or the goats... it actually could've been the goats.

After an amazing month on the Island, it was time to head home, but not without a couple days in Athens to see the Acropolis and a few other sights.

Until next time!

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